This is my go to snack / drink immediately after exercise. My body craves all the sweet fruit and the earthy greens. Its a blend of sweet, sour and metallic greens. It tastes lovely without being either too green or too sweet. Fresh fruit and frozen spinach to give it an iced constancy. I much prefer having something semi frozen as you can chew and take your time to eat it. It’s much better to chew food to help with the absorption, digestion and to not over eat.

green sorbet smoothie

Ingredients (serves 1)

  • lime, pealed
  • 2 kiwi fruit, pealed
  • 1 banana, pealed
  • a handful of seedless grapes, stalks removed (any grape will work but green / white grapes keep this a vibrant green)
  • 100g frozen spinach
  • 1 sachet of Prebiotic Acacia Powder
  • + any other greens you have about (optional)


  1. Place all fruit in your blender and blend until smooth
  2. Add frozen spinach (and additional greens if your doing this optional step) and blend until the ice lumps of spinach have been broken up.
  3. I recommend to eat immediately, however if you make too much or into batch food prep you could place some in the freezer immediately after blending and it will last a few weeks. You will need to take it out of the freezer half an hour before consuming.

Inspired by Nest&Glow