100% RAW Natural Acacia Senegal

Acacia gum is the best natural source of prebiotic fiber and has a number of health benefits. Prebiotics promote the growth and activity of beneficial bacteria’s inside your intestinal flora, which in turn improves the digestive system, supports your immune system and improves the absorption of minerals from your everyday foods.

  • Contains the highest natural prebiotic content ( 85-90% )
  • Slow fermentation profile for people with sensitive gastrointestinal tracts
  • Promotes healthy metabolism and supports weight loss
  • Suitable for low FODMAP diets

Acacia Senegal gum (Prebio M) helps to soften the stool and to stimulate regular bowel functioning.

  • Allergen and additive information

Prebiotics fibers help promote the growth and activity of beneficial bacteria’s inside your intestinal flora, which in turn improves the digestive system, supports your immune system and promotes the absorption of minerals and nutrients from your everyday foods.

Furthermore studies have shown that soluble fiber, as part of a daily diet, helps to regulate bowel motility (alleviating both diarrhea and constipation), and relieves abdominal pain from IBS.

Acacia Senegal Characteristics:
• 100% Whole Food from zerofoodprocessing
• Offers relief from IBS, constipation and reflux symptoms
• Prebiotic effect increases beneficial bacteria in the gut flora
• Excellent source of soluble fiber >86%
• For Improved Bowel Stability
• No added Taste, not thickening

Acacia Gum’s advantage:
* Increases both Lactogenic and bifidogenic bacteria in the Gut Flora
* Shows great gastrointestinal tolerance, does not cause bloating and gas
* Slows down colonic fermentation (actively decreasing gas and bloating)
* can be used daily
* Is safe for use in children

For our products to remain 100% natural we take great care that its natural state is not affected by any chemical processing, heating, spray drying or extraction. What you get is a carefully harvested ingredient in its most pure and natural state. Enjoy the benefits of a real wholefood ingredient.

* no pesticides
* no fertilizer
* no herbicides
* no GMO (genetically modified organisms)
* no preservatives
* no additives
* no irradiation
* no animal testing

A superfood ingredient is considered to be an ingredient that is high in at least three different key nutrients. The nutritional content of the Acacia allows for claims in five different
nutrients within the European Union as follows:
Allowed nutrient claim – Approximate content per 100g
High in Magnesium (>112.4 mg/100g) – 259 mg
High In Potassium (> 600mg/100g) – 296 mg
High in Calcium (> 240mg/100g) – 800 mg
High in Iron (>4.4mg/100g) – 7 mg
High Fibre (>6g/100g) – 85 g

We hereby declare that our product does not come into contact and is completely free from the following:

All animal products and by products including:
• Any bovine products or by products (including milk and derivatives)
• Eggs and derivatives
• Fish and their derivatives
• Added salt or sugars
• Lupin or derivatives
• Cochineal
• Gluten, wheat and derivatives
• Maize and derivatives
• Soya and derivatives
• Added natural colours and natural flavourings
• Preservatives (including sulphites, benzoates etc)
• Antioxidants
• MSG and other glutamates
• Yeast or yeast extract
• Nuts and their derivatives including cold pressed nut derived oils
• Seeds and their derivatives including cold pressed seed derived oils