Natural whole- food prebiotic ingredients for bulk supply

Specialized in natural whole food prebiotics, we serve Business to Business clients with natural prebiotic bulk ingredients for added nutritional value which can also be used for their functional properties.

We offer our private formula products that are already sold worldwide as a health supplement product but are also open for private formulation requests.

Infant Nutrition

Acacia Gums are a great natural alternative source of prebiotic Fibres. Prebiotics are important for infants to grow a healthy microbiome community in the Gut. Unlike many prebiotics that have to be extracted or isolated the Acacia Prebiotics are completely natural since the the Gum already contains more than 85% Polysaccharide Prebiotic Fibre wich is more than any other food, fruit or vegetable.




Dairy Synbiotics

Enrich your dairy product with Acacia Gums to add a natural prebiotic fibre without added viscosity or negative impact on the taste. Combining probiotic cultured with our prebiotics will help to increase the viability of the beneficial bacteria creating a synbiotic effect.






Prebiotic Fiber Ingredient

The Prebio Acacia Gums provide an excellent alternative natural source of prebiotic fibres. Enriching any dietary food, feed or beverage with Acacia Gums will help stimulate beneficial probiotic growth in the colon without side effects or effecting the taste.