ACACIA PREBIOTIC GUMSthe most powerful natural source of prebiotic fibres

Excellent natural source of prebiotics with a wide variety of functional properties

Acacia Gum is more commonly known as the Arabic Gum (Or under its Food Additive: E414 EFSA – European Food Safety Authority Number) is a universally recognized safe additive used for centuries since the beginning of human civilizations. Nowadays, the Acacia Gum offers a wide variety of functional and/or nutritional properties and can be found in numerous day-to-day products.

Through a long process of R&D and testing, Prebiotica’s Founders consisting out of a group of Arabic Gum Growers/Harvesters, Processors & Researchers discovered the Acacia Gum’s secret of it’s Prebiotic Effects under the condition of the right form of harvesting and processing.

Without the use of fertilizers, harmful tapping techniques, spray drying, extraction, chemical processes or heating our Gums are turned into a RAW powder that maintains its original composition and nutritional value. Through careful screening and delicate methods of harvesting and patented ‘zero-processing’ techniques all beneficial Prebiotic ingredients are preserved.


‘All our Acacia Prebiotics are Arabic Gom but not all Arabic Gom are Prebiotics’

  • Our Acacia Senegal & Seyal is the best natural source of Prebiotic Fibres with at least a content of 85%
  • Acacia Senegal & Seyal are suitable as a food additive for their functional properties amongst which are emulsification, encapsulation, stabilization even to improve a products shelf life and many more
  • In conclusion, implementing our Acacia Gum Powders as one of your ingredients gives you the best of both worlds. As a powerful Prebiotic Health Ingredient empowered by many functional properties that are effective at low dosage

Infant Nutrition

Acacia Gums are a great natural alternative source of prebiotic Fibres. Prebiotics are important for infants to grow a healthy microbiome community in the Gut. Unlike many prebiotics that have to be extracted or isolated the Acacia Prebiotics are completely natural since the the Gum already contains more than 85% Polysaccharide Prebiotic Fibre wich is more than any other food, fruit or vegetable.




Dairy Synbiotics

Enrich your dairy product with Acacia Gums to add a natural prebiotic fibre without added viscosity or negative impact on the taste. Combining probiotic cultured with our prebiotics will help to increase the viability of the beneficial bacteria creating a synbiotic effect.






Prebiotic Fiber Ingredient

The Prebio Acacia Gums provide an excellent alternative natural source of prebiotic fibres. Enriching any dietary food, feed or beverage with Acacia Gums will help stimulate beneficial probiotic growth in the colon without side effects or effecting the taste.